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Gold Mini-Survey

  • advertising free
  • easy to use
  • no installation
  • website integration
  • voter logging
  • customizable style
  • poll archive
  • custom vote security
  • optional poll comments
  • language customization

all starting from $24.95/mo

Free Mini-Survey

  • advertising supported
  • limited features
Sparklit Mini-Survey

What is Mini-Survey?

Mini-Survey is a simple, easy to use survey creation software, useful for the creation of polls with multiple questions, quizzes, and simple questionaires. A survey can be customized through the use of a wizard, and can be setup in less than 5 minutes.

Convenient & Risk-Free

Mini-Surveys are available as monthly or yearly recurring subscriptions to prevent interruption in service. There are no support fees, no licensing fees, and no administration fees. No installation required either! If you are not satisifed, we also proudly offer a 30-day money back guarantee for all services.


Subscriptions are based on concurrent Mini-Surveys, allowing you to change the gold status of your surveys at any time. For example, if you plan to use two surveys simultaneously you need a two-survey subscription, but if you plan on running a different survey every week, you only need a one-survey subscription. Similar to passing on a baton in a relay race!

Custom Presentation

Stand Alone: Display your survey on its own page, distributed either through links or popups.
Embedded Dynamic: Insert your survey into an existing page, navigation and voting are handled client side.
Embedded Static: Insert your survey into an existing page column or sidebar, displaying all questions at once.


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